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We are professional manufacturer and exporter of quality memorial stone products who are always committed to quality, service and detail.

Our own production facility, quarry and 15 years experience in the stone industry will bring you reliable quality and consistent supply.

Our in-house design and architectural team can provide design, 3D video, engineering drawing, shop drawing, mini sample, plaster model and etc.
We can help with the sales efforts of the cemetery and funeral home by providing all granite mini sample, color rendering.
We are the top columbarium, private mausoleum and walk-in mausoleum manufacturer in terms of the quality, production line available, design service and marketing tool available.
We have 3 high end product line of columbarium which is Classic Series, Premium Series and Everlasting Series.
Our shipping department can arrange to deliver the product to the door of the cemetery, job site, warehouse and etc with all the import duty and tax paid.
We have installation team in Canada and USA who can assemble walk-in mausoleum, cremation garden and other big project in the job site.